"Use latest technology to condemn cheating"

September 18, 2019               

Time management is initially significant in every exam. Recently, an article published in BBC to ban watches in exams specifically for A-level or higher in UK addressed this.

1. Digital Media
Digital media is well-groomed in today's era. Smartwatches are connected to the internet and easily accessible for pupils to use during exams. A review, commissioned by exam boards, says it is becoming more difficult to differentiate between hi-tech and traditional watches. Sir John, a former headteachers' union leader, said smartwatches could look like conventional watches, leaving them open to misuse by cheats. All these digital technology increasing the cheating custom in competition exams. Last year, 2,735 pupils had been penalized for cheating. This represented 0.02% of entries and was more common at GCSE level than A-level.

2. Evaluator Commission
Independent Commission of education should need to use the latest equipment to discourage the cheating trend. If smartwatches and other accessories banned in the examination hall, alternative materials must be available for pupils. Similarly, a clock should hang in the front wall during the exam. Examiner should have latest crackers to condemn all these objects which can be used in cheating. Assessment should be crystal clear for every student and no one can criticise UK evaluation system.

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