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Entering Secondary School


"Entering Secondary School"

September 11, 2019
Entering Secondary School

Secondary school is a big step up from primary school, and it can take children a while to adjust to the changes. Not only are there new uniforms, friendship groups, different classes, and teachers, but there are much more homework and a whole new building to navigate around.

1. One of the biggest challenges

One of the biggest challenges in the new school is learning to be organised. Most pupils find the concept of a new timetable with subjects that they may have never heard of before, with far too many teachers names to remember and in rooms they can not find. Once they finally make it into the classroom and sit down, the last thing they need to worry about is having forgotten books or to do homework. Most schools give first-year pupils settling in period, however, if pupils are still forgetting books by Halloween, they will get into trouble. By being organised, pupils can save themselves the anxiety and stress of being unprepared. Sitting down with your child each night and organising their bag and homework can help them to succeed in the new school.

2. With all these new classes

With all these new classes, teachers and subjects, it is vital that pupils use a homework diary to prepare for the next class. This will ensure that they accurately record all homework and equipment needed for the forthcoming class. Pupils who use a homework diary in each class will be able to manage their workload and plan ahead with projects and assignments.

3. Most first-years have issues

Most first-years have issues at some stage throughout the year. Whether it be getting lost in the building, a friendship problem, lost PE kit, your child can become very upset. The solution here is to know who to turn to. Each class will be given a form teacher who will be a link from home and school, but they are also excellent at solving concerns that are troubling your child. A form of teachers role is to ensure your child feels safe and happy in the school environment so encourage your child to speak with them if there something they can help with. A list of key people, like the Physiologist, Head of Year, Child Protection officer will also be made available to the child if they need to speak to someone instead of their form teacher.

4. Secondary school may
A secondary school may also offer lots of new extracurricular activities from sport, music, drama, ICT or Art. Encourage your child to join a new club as it can increase their knowledge in an area, but also help them make friends with people who share the same interests as them.

Secondary school is a fun learning environment with lots of new classes to enjoy, new subjects to learn and new friendships to be created. Embrace the changes and remember to ask for help if it is needed.


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