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HOFT has been offering educational services to the greater Croydon area for six years. Since that time, HOFT has developed into a multifaceted organisation that provides services for the online, on-campus, or in-home markets for global education through Croydon tutors. Giving our consumers the best educational services we can while also promoting a positive workplace culture are both important to us. These tutors have certain special abilities that set us apart from the competition.

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For local and foreign students, the on-site ESL provides full- and part-time English education through tuition centres in Croydon. All levels of students can take classes in our ESL programme. People are welcome to join at any time and create their own schedules in the small classes.

Students from all over the town can enrol in our online programme, which offers a five-level English language curriculum. This course offers only online instruction in ESL. Additionally available online are our free daily discussion buddy programme and free three times per week exercise programmes.


We are dedicated to your success and offer top-notch tuition, a qualified maths tutor in Croydon, and flexible scheduling options. The Croydon tutors offer students the option of having their sessions in-person, online, or off-site at a location that works for them.

  • Monday12pm to 9pm
  • Tuesday12pm to 9pm
  • Wednesday12pm to 9pm
  • Thursday12pm to 9pm
  • FridayHoliday
  • Saturday8.30am to 6.30pm
  • Sunday8.30am to 4.30pm

test-taking tactics of tuition centres in Croydon

In order to assist you in passing the SATs, 11+, 13+, GCSE and many more ,tuition centres in Croydon provide top-notch test preparation courses. Your preparatory sessions will be customised to meet your specific needs by our qualified instructors, who received test scores in the highest percentages.

English tutors in Croydon who are native speakers of the language

English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for international students has been provided at HOFT Institute for more than 5 years with the contribution of English tutors in Croydon. The HOFT ESL programme is a part of the educational centre, which is open seven days a week and most days. This gives ESL students lots of possibilities to interact with and meet students who speak fluent English.

At Croydon Tutors, highly qualified professionals teach students.

English as a Second Language teaching credentials are held by each ESL instructor at Croydon tutors. English tutors in Croydon, have at least 12 years of ESL teaching experience or a master's degree in a field connected to teaching English. Additionally, all of our full-time instructors have experience teaching abroad or have travelled extensively.

Many Tuition Centers in Croydon Have Started enrollment

Affordable Prices Open enrollment in the ESL programmes at tuition centres in Croydon enables students to start taking classes at Croydon tutors more conveniently. Accordingly, tuition is prorated. Our affordable prices cover all textbook costs as well as costs associated with recreational and cultural events.


Science tutor in Croydon have a Fast Track Initiative.

This programme is for foreign students getting ready to enrol in UK institutions and colleges.With the help of science tutor in Croydon, Fast Track Studies, students can prepare for study abroad through a variety of specialised programmes.. We mentor and support students while they apply for admission and give them the essential skills they need to succeed in school and get a job.

Croydon tutors advancement in the workplace

We provide a variety of programmes and courses designed for working professionals and aspiring professionals. We provide ESL for Medical Professionals, business training, and teacher training, among other things.


Please provide your email address, and we'll send you all the details regarding entrance requirements and tuition costs. Upon receiving your contact information, we will call you to discuss our educational complex.

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