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Stop Googling 11 Plus Tuition Centre Near Me Because You Are in The Right Place

Are you searching for the best tutoring for your child? Are you spending long hours online to find “11 plus tuition centre near me”? It means you want to see your child excel in English, Science, and Maths. The House of Tutors welcomes you. You’re at the right place! House of Tutors is a friendly local education centre. It offers state-of-the-art 11 plus tuition services. House of Tutors is successfully managing its campuses in Lewisham, Slough, and Croydon. Our tutors are experts at helping students succeed in 11 plus subjects. We’re here if your child needs assistance in reading. We’ve hired qualified science teachers. We’ve got the best mathematicians on board as well. We aim to uncover your child’s hidden talent. We want to see him confident and succeed in their exams. We offer a supportive and encouraging learning environment at all our campuses.

Are you interested to learn more about us? We’ve come up with some interesting details for you. We hope these details will help you decide better for your child’s future.


Our Aim: Guiding Your Child Towards Success

We at House of Tutors aim to help students reach their highest potential. We believe every child can do well with our guidance. They can truly achieve their academic dreams. We give our students the skills and confidence they need to perform in their exams. We work hard to ensure your child gets the excellence he truly deserves. House of Tutors is the best find if you are fed up while searching about 11 plus tuition centres near me.









How We Work: Tailored Support for Every Student

Convenient Learning Environment

We know that every student is unique in learning. Every child under the roof of House of Tutors has their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the skilled faculty customises its tutoring services accordingly. Our tutors remain eager to know each student’s learning style and preferences. They acknowledge the areas of difficulty. The teachers establish a strong rapport with their students. They create a supportive and conducive learning environment for their students. Therefore, students feel comfortable expressing themselves and asking questions.

About Us

Student-Centred Teaching

We design personalised learning plans according to our students’ needs. Tutors are skilled at identifying student’s academic strengths. Our English instructors are here if your child struggles with English comprehension. We have well-qualified science teachers on our staff if your child needs assistance understanding scientific concepts. We employ talented maths teachers who can solve complex mathematical equations for your child.

Learn with Fun

Who says learning is boring? Tutoring sessions at Slough, Croydon, and Lewisham campuses are informative, engaging and enjoyable. Teachers at Slough Tuition Centre utilise interactive lessons. Tutors at Lewisham Tuition Centre employ practical activities. Our teaching staff at Croydon Tuition Centre practices gamified teaching and makes learning fun for your child. House of Tutors fosters a passion for learning through these dynamic teaching methods.

Triggering Success Through Feedback

Regular feedback and thorough assessments are integral components of our tutoring approach. We continuously monitor your child’s progress. Therefore, we deliver constructive feedback. It helps them track their development and identify areas for further improvement. Parents are always side by side with us. Our tutors maintain open communication with both parents and students. It ensures that everyone is kept informed and involved in the learning journey.

House of Tutors empowers your child with knowledge, skills, and confidence. These skills are necessary for them to excel academically. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your child needs extra guidance in their studies. We are here to assist and encourage them to succeed!

Why We Are the Best: Excellence in Education

House of Tutors is different from other tuition centres in the UK. The management of this education centre is committed to academic excellence. This is a reputed learning centre in the UK with years of experience.

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Here’s why parents and students choose House of Tutors

Our team of tutors consists of qualified professionals. They are experienced in teaching and tutoring. They are passionate about helping students succeed. They go above and beyond to ensure their academic growth.

Our 11 plus tuition services cover all aspects of the exam. These services include English, Science, and Maths. We provide comprehensive study materials and practice tests. We practise exam strategies and help students excel in every subject.

Every child has his own learning styles. That’s why we follow a personalised approach to tuition.

Our track record is the proof of our success. Our students have gained admission to grammar schools.

House of Tutors makes it easier for parents to access our tutoring services. Therefore, our campuses are located at the centres of Slough, Lewisham and Croydon.
What are you waiting for? Don’t search for an 11 plus tuition centre near me anymore. Give your child the gift of academic success with our 11 plus tuition services at House of Tutors. Contact us today to learn more about our programmes and enrol your child in a brighter future!


My daughter started house of tutors at Lewisham branch with little knowledge of 11 plus. With the help of Hofts she passed Bexley grammar, Townley grammar and Newstead wood school test. We are spoilt for choice thank you House of Tutors.


Marisa Bromley


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