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Mobile phones should be banned in schools


"Mobile phones should be banned in schools"

September 25, 2019
Mobile phones should be banned in schools

Parents are concerned about their child's education but smartphone usage is rapidly increasing. The UK parents wants to stop using Mobile phones in school or education centre. Recently survey report published in price comparison site Uswitch suggestions. Under half of UK parents about 46% want smartphones to be banned in educational institutions.

Last year, the culture secretary Matt Hancock said he admired that school had reinforced to ban mobile phones. However, some have argued that gadgets are important for children's learning process. If these electronic devices are banned it may effect students learning. Furthermore, Uswitch estimated that the value of all gadgets taken from the schools 2019 will reach £2.3 bn. About 43% of children having newer mobile models then their parents. Total adults are spending £13 bn on their smartphones every year. On the other hand, it is understandable that parents are concerned about their child's education. An expert in Uswitch said " Ban smartphones is not a permanent solution".

In addition, parents’ peace of mind would also be affected. Parents would be able to contact their children in any kind of emergency. Not everyone agrees with this approach. Some argue that the world's full of gadgets and children should know how to tackle with new technology. Paul Howard-Jones, a professor of neuroscience and education at the University of Bristol said that: "If school and education is about preparing us for that world, then learning how to use your mobile phone - when it's appropriate, when it's not appropriate, is a very important part of that." Parent's concerns about their child's education are valid but the other side of the argument is that these gadgets should be for educational purposes. Educational institutions ensure that other social or distracting websites should be banned in educational centre.


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