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Just Keep Swimming.


"Just Keep Swimming."

February 05, 2020
Just Keep Swimming.

Education: an ocean of swimmers, each individual swimming at their own pace in order to reach the same goal -land, of physicians and doctors, pilots and engineers, architects and artists, teachers and social workers and many, many more careers. My own journey began at a young age, my first dip into education igniting from my passion of English. From reading books that range from Elizabethan era, supernatural and dystopian literature, to writing pieces of fantasy poems and young adult novels, English has always been my drive to not only remain in the education ocean but to keep swimming.

And how did I do this? Teaching.

As soon as I had the opportunity to work; I seized it. From a young age of 17 I have been working at a variety of different tuition centres, each unique in their methodologies of teaching, developing and encouraging. From staff made text books, tailored work booklets and the usage of the best subject resources globally, I was able to enhance and practice my own effective way of teaching, ensuring that I always delivered results. This passion for answering a person’s question that people had failed to answer before, or to teach and explain a new, perhaps more simpler or personal method that others had failed to execute in order to clear out the fog of confusion within people’s minds, is ultimately what kept driving my passion to enter Education.

The satisfaction and overwhelming warmth that comes with knowing that you helped someone in their journey and aided their understanding in something is undefeatable. So for all those swimming in their own waters of education, no matter how rough those waters get or how much you feel like you’re drowning, don’t give up.

Swim at your own pace and tackle those waves the way you know how to, and I promise you, you will reach land.


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