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January 02, 2020

If you have a talent or a passion, what's stopping you from making that very thing your career? Who said that because you studied maths, you must go into banking? Or because you studied law, you must be a lawyer? Nobody dictates the profession or career that we are to enter - that decision lays ultimately with us. The subjects that we are taught and told to select in the education system are simply a guideline - it is a sample, a taster of sorts, that is supposed to give us a preview of what we would be expecting in the future if we choose to go down a certain path. Now, that doesn't mean our futures are rooted in the subjects we pick.

If you discover your talent for fashion and clothing after graduating with a maths degree, do not let it stop you from contacting agencies, joining fashion and textile workshops and launching your own clothing line. If you explore your passion for writing and poetry after you have already planned for a career in nursing, do not let it stop you from writing your own book and publishing what could be the decade's best-selling novel. If you find that medicinal studies do nothing to quench your thirst for arts and graphics, do not let any expectations stop you from grabbing that brush and creating a work of art.

Bring your talents and passions to life - do not let them wither and die! Water them, feed them, grow them - submit and commit yourself to a profession you adore and love, not one that you think you're supposed to adore and love. Nobody else will live your life for you - only you will so make sure you're putting your energy into a career you truly see yourself engaging in the long-run.

Engage yourself with people that have the same mind-set as you - surround yourself with positive energy. Keep friends that promote your talent, that support your passion, that push for your growth and constantly show you their love.

Uplift your friends, and make sure they uplift you too.

If you have friends that are trying to turn their talent and passion into a living, do not stay silent in their life, and do not let them stay silent in yours. Be vocal - promote their talent, support their passion, push for their growth and constantly show them the love that they deserve. Maintaining positivity is vital in rising to your self-potential.

Open up a range of social platforms - share and spread the word of not only your goals and upcoming projects but of those around you too - become a somebody in this world where talent and passion are not admired enough. Step forward as your own unique individual - become a leader in the profession that you truly want to engage, prosper and thrive in - it is only your place for the taking if you truly devote yourself to it because nobody else will push you like you.


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