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What Do You Want To Be?


"What Do You Want To Be?"

December 05, 2019
What Do You Want To Be?

It’s a family gathering; you’re all there: parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, all just trying to have a good time. It has been a while since you have all seen each other, so of course, a catch up is needed. Chatter and laughter intoxicates the air as you all unscrew the lids to your life and let out those memories, stories and news you wish to share. The day is coming to an end: “that wasn’t so bad”, you remark to yourself, until suddenly, somebody asks that one question that you yourself are yet to answer:

“So, what do you want to be when you’re older?”

The air turns stiff with apprehension and tension; it’s too thick to breathe. Slowly, you look around the room: your father’s chest puffs with pride as he knows you’ll be a footballer, won’t you son? Your mother’s eyes swell with tears because she knows you’ll make the best midwife, won’t you princess?

Small visions of hope, admirations and expectations decorate the space above your family’s heads; that relative believes you’ll be a firefighter; that one knows you will be the greatest chef of the century; that one expects you to study law and enter the world of criminology; that one hopes you’ve been practising your long distance running – the Olympics are soon. You’re filled with this intense feeling of impending doom – you’re torn between making them happy or facing their disappointment.

Well guess what?

It’s okay to not know what you want to be yet – that journey truly is an adventure filled with mistakes, learning curves and improvements. You could spend years in one field or subject and one day, be presented with something entirely eye-opening, to the point where you reconsider the profession you thought you were going to go into. Again, that’s okay.

It’s okay to go against what everyone expects of you – it’s about what YOU expect of YOU. No matter what it is, always do things at your level – and then push yourself. Go at your own pace – and then push yourself. Go into the profession that you love and adore – solidify the skills and experience that you have – and then push yourself. Again, that’s okay.

Make sure the path that you decide to put all your effort, commitment, loyalty and passion into is the one that you will be happy with, because at the end of the day that’s what it’s about: your happiness.

So take your time – grasp opportunities, persevere through problems, and most importantly be content – make sure everything that you’re putting blood, sweat and tears into is something that you are happily committed to.

You can get lost along the way - again, that’s okay – just make sure you find your own unique path regarding two things:

who you are and who you want to be?


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