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Bounce Back


"Bounce Back."

November 21, 2019
Bounce Back.

It’s very easy to take a punch and just lay there, marvelling at the sky as it paints a work of art; an explosion of deep blues and fluffy whites. In that moment, you could truly just existence – not exactly as a failure, but as a being that decided that this was it – that this is where you wanted it all to end.”

The grass beneath you grows comfortable as your warm body leaves its shape; it slowly begins to permanently leave your mark – your home – as you grow accustomed and familiar to this fuzzy, body-hugging feeling.

The wind that blows between your fingers and into your lungs no longer seems to contain that cold bite it used to. As it circulates around you, wafts of warm honey and floral petals infiltrate your senses. It toasts your insides.

You are settled. You are content. You are happy.

This punch that you have taken, this view that begins to grow on you, it is not so bad.

No, it is not. In comfort and ease, your eyes begin to shut, gradually being lulled by your satisfaction.

But wait.

A cloud catches your eye – it is someone pursuing the career you so desperately aspire to get into. They are flourishing with ideas, connections and plans as their enthusiasm beams across their face. Something sparks within you, but you ignore it – you’re settled.

Another cloud passes and stalls you – someone has just purchased their dream car – your dream car – and they circulate it, admiring it from all angels as they cry in joy, the hard work and money they have saved finally paying off. A feeling begins to emerge within you, but you dismiss it – you’re content.

Another cloud passes, and another, and another, all holding people who are fighting back, emerging as leaders, seizing opportunities and making a living out of themselves. They are progressing, developing and enhancing their skills, their chances and their goals – they are dreaming big and making even bigger moves.

Suddenly, the sky is no longer beautiful – its colour has faded, darkening into a dull, lifeless misshapen of grey and black – the clouds are nowhere to be seen. Your back begins to pain – the grass has turned stiff and icy – it is sharp, cutting into your back and massaging it with pain. Your lungs freeze – the cold wind has returned, chilling every surface it touches. Gone are the smells of honey and flowers, dead roots and rotting greens taking its place. It dawns upon you – you’re not happy.

When life knocks you down, it is not a reason for you to stay down – it is an incentive for you to get up higher. Start again, but this time start better and start harder. Seize your opportunities, grab your chances, wrestle for your place and demand to be seen and heard. The beauty that you look up to is nothing compared to the beauty that could surround you.

All you need to do is bounce back.


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