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Let’s Explore What is Key Stage 1

June 14, 2024
Let’s Explore What is Key Stage 1

What is Key Stage 1? This stage is an important phase of your child’s education. It marks the first stage of primary education. It covers ages 5 to 7, or 1st and 2nd years of school. This stage supports nursery and reception years.

Why is Key Stage 1 Important?

Key Stage 1 is your child’s 1st education step. This stage establishes the basics of your child’s:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Core skills
  • This phase is crucial for your child’s social development. He learns to interact and share his knowledge in his peers’ group. This level of learning sparks his curiosity and improves his creativity. It sparks his curiosity and encourages his creativity.

    Do All Schools Follow the Key Stage 1 Curriculum?

    All the schools do not follow the Key Stage 1 curriculum. However, many primary schools in the UK do. All schools in the UK have to follow the National Syllabus. However, some private schools and academies may choose different curricula. They may cover similar content but are flexible in teaching it.

    What Are the Variations in Curriculum?

    Independent Schools

    These schools design their curriculum, but they align it with the National Curriculum.

    International Schools

    There are different national or foreign curricula that these schools follow, like the foreign Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

    Faith Schools

    These schools include additional religious studies alongside the standard Key Stage 1 subjects. Read More: Sat Exam Year 6

    What Subjects are Covered Under Key Stage 1?

    Key Stage 1 curriculum is broad and balanced. It ensures your child’s well-rounded education. Here’s a look at the key subjects covered under this stage:

    English Reading

    Teachers develop your child’s passion for reading through:

  • Phonics
  • Stories
  • Poems
  • English Writing

    Your child learns to write sentences and use punctuation. He also learns to spell common and easy words.

    English Speaking and Listening

    Tutors encourage clear speech and improve your child’s listening skills. Your child learns in-class participation and engages in discussions.


    Your child understands different numbers. He learns counting, addition, and subtraction. He recognises different shapes and measuring lengths. Teachers teach him about weights and volumes. Besides that, he improves his problem-solving skills.


    Here comes the fun part. Children are inquisitive about learning new living things. Your child is also one of them. So, tutors introduce him to new living things like:

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Their habitats
  • He gets a chance to explore different materials and their properties. He observes weather and changes in nature through the seasons.


    Key Stage 1 is the best forum for your child to learn basic computing skills. He learns to use computers, tablets, and basic typing skills.

    Physical Education

    Your child develops motor skills through games and activities at this Key Stage 1. He also understands the importance of physical activity.

    How Is the Progress of Your Child Assessed in Key Stage 1?

    Assessment in KS1 is continuous and varied. Teachers observe your child through classwork and specific tasks. This technique helps them to evaluate his progress. There are also more formal assessment methods.

    Types of Assessment

    Teacher Assessments

    Your child is assessed based on his classroom activities and observations.

    Standardised Tests

    Your child will take Key Stage 1 SATs in English and Maths at the end of Year 2. These tests are more informal than later stages and support teacher assessments.

    Reporting to Parents

    You, as a parent, will receive regular feedback through meetings and reports.

    End-of-Year Reports

    Annual reports summarise your child’s achievements and areas for improvement.


    Key Stage 1 is vital in your child’s education. It lays the baseline for his future learning. It covers a broad range of subjects. Your child learns the basics of:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Art
  • Key Stage 1 ensures your child’s well-rounded development. You can support your child’s early education journey by understanding the structure and purpose of this stage. It’s a period of discovery for your child. He learns and grows. In short, he sets the stage for a lifetime of learning.


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