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Dissect Yourself.

"Dissect Yourself."

January 20, 2020
Dissect Yourself.

It would be unwise to indulge and enter a certain career path without truly dissecting and discovering what that profession is truly about. Yes, you love writing, but how do you know whether you are suited for a role in creative writing or journalism? What’s the difference? Yes, you love maths, but does that mean banking is a better role for you than teaching? Or is it not? Yes, you love sports, but does that mean coaching is a more convenient placement for you rather than pursuing a career in the Olympics?

It would be wise to conduct a thorough investigation into your field of interest, and then to narrow down the different career roles that you could possibly undertake depending on your own skills, qualities, passions and capabilities.

Here’s a guide on how to do just that:

1. Make a list of your strengths.
Nobody will have a better understanding of what you’re naturally excellent at but you – make a list of these things. Are you quick at maths? Innovative and creative? Do you enjoy deciphering codes and algorithms? Use these strengths – they are vital in assessing what sort of career path you should go down. If you’re still not sure, try taking a personality test – these are very helpful and insightful in providing information regarding what field sparks your personality and interests to the best if its ability, as well as what career complements your strengths. Of course, with hard work and effort you can become stronger at certain skills, but a lot of energy and time will be saved if you delve into something that occurs naturally and that you have genuine interest in.

2. Make a list of experiences and what you’ve taken from there.
This is insightful as it provides you with a physical display of the type of responsibilities, commitments and moments that you enjoy and that you dislike. Look at all your previous placements, jobs and work experiences and ask yourself the following questions: • What did you like/dislike about working for that company/organisation? • What did you like/dislike about the people you worked with? Did they make you feel welcome? Did you feel like you belonged? • What was the biggest challenge you faced? • What was the biggest accomplishment you achieved? • Did you ever feel at any point that this career was not for you/ for you?

3. Talk to people and pick their brains.
Request meetings with people in fields that you believe are most suited for you – ask them about their career: what they enjoy and don’t, their worst and best moments, the risks and commitments. Pick their brains and try and gain as much information as possible so that you can gain a clear perspective regarding the profession.

4. Take mini classes.
Try and apply for online courses or workshops; shadow a member; learn online through digital or social platforms. Try and absorb as much knowledge available and engage in as much interactions as possible.

With these steps, hopefully you can find the career path that’s perfect for you!


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