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What is the value of one to one education?


"What is the value of one to one education?"

February 27, 2020
What is the value of one to one education?

Without wanting to detract from the value of school education, it cannot be emphasized enough that one to one education is a much better way of learning for many children.

My father is deaf but my grandfather insisted on him being sent to an ordinary secondary school. This was back in the 1960s and when my father left school at the age of 16 to work, it was 1972. He would never have been able to get the necessary grades in his Maths and English O Levels if it wasn't for a private tutor that my grandparents found for him, and who tutored my father weekly for five years.

Tutoring is essentially a way to ensure that your child receives the attention and guidance that a classroom teacher doesn't have the time to provide at school. Tutoring can be seen as a supplement to school, but in many ways tutoring is a much richer, more effective way of learning.

My father would have failed school, being deaf in a time when special educational needs were not acknowledged in the mainstream school system, if it was not for his private Maths and English tutor.

His tuition was a supplement to his schooling but it meant that he was able to finish school at 16 with the necessary numeracy, literacy and communication skills needed to begin work as an accountant.

That was a very different time to now, but the essential lessons that my father still remembers to this day haven't lost their value. They are lessons that every parent should bear in mind during the education of their child.

Most important of all those lessons that my father learnt is the value of one to one education. He had a private tutor who he would see on a weekly basis for five years, and the memories of those lessons have lasted with him his entire life. My father also remembers school, he remembers funny stories about frustrated teachers unable to control a mischievous child who couldn't really understand what they were telling him, he remembers being sent out of the class, being labelled the troublemaker, being told off by the head, and having lots of fun. However what he remembers from his tuition is entirely different. He remembers a teacher who was able to focus on his student the way a doctor can administer treatments to a patient. He remembers all of the books he was introduced to, he vividly remembers having to memorize lines from Hamlet, and being explained the plot of Sons and Love

He remembers the maths exercises he was taught that have meant that to this day he can complete an audit faster than most young professional accountants.

Overall, it is the attention and quality time that tutors are able to give their students that is most valuable. Unfortunately most classroom teachers are unable, due to the busy nature of schools, to give this to their students. It is worth reflecting on this, and thinking about how much quality time your child actually receives with a teacher as they go through their school years.

There is nothing more valuable than a strong teacher student relationship, one where the tutor is able to follow the needs and requirements of the students. Each student has their own individual talent, and it takes individual, one to one attention and teaching to give the student the greatest chance of success.

In a one-on-one relationship, our math tutors in Croydon can get to realize their pupil’s unconditionally and maintain tune in their progress, gauging their successes and struggles. English tutors in Croydon adjust or absolutely alter lesson plans, cut-off dates, direction projects etc with a purpose to fully serve the pupil.


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