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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!


"Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!"

December 27, 2019
Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!

The world of Education isn’t an easy one to navigate in – there are a lot of obstacles that will be thrown our way, whether it’s from family, friends, our social life or even our careers. No path will be easy – there will always be bumps along the way that threatens to break and wipe out all that we have already achieved. Life’s tests are inevitable – they will come when we least expect it, a catapult of emotional and mental stress that will bury us in problems.

Luckily, as humans, we do not go down so easy – it is not natural for us to give in without a fight. There is a fire in our guts that cannot be doused – it is what motivates and drives us to come out of the dark with a blinding light. We always set out to be stronger, smarter and better than we were yesterday. We always set out to avoid repeating our mistakes and instead, rise above them. We always set out to be the person we know that we can be.

We don’t have to isolate ourselves to show that we can do things. We don’t have to avoid people to demonstrate how independent we are. We don’t have to pretend like we have everything under control when we don’t.

Growing up in this arduous world of Education is acknowledging that you won’t be able to do everything alone. It is accepting and embracing the help, support, and guidance that those that are around us can offer us, whether that be family, friends, councilors or colleagues. It would be unwise of us to convince ourselves that we can do everything alone because we can’t! Some of the greatest people in history such as Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King needed the support and aid of those around them in order to flourish and raise awareness of their goals. Without the support of the people, their names would have been lost amongst the list of others who attempted to start a rebellion/revolution and failed due to their lack of aid.

It is okay to ask for help – in fact, it is admirable and wise! It does not make you weak, it does not make you less capable and it certainly does not take away your credibility! Asking for help does not have an age, gender, size or height requirement – anyone can do it! When you find you are stuck or in need of guidance, emotional support, mental help, financial aid, or whatever else it maybe - ask! Do not suffer in silence – use those around you who are willing to support you, and you will be surprised by how far you can progress as an individual!


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